OSB Board

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The Importance of OSB Board in Construction Industry
Introduction to OSB Board
An OSB or oriented strand board is a type of wooden panel made of long and thin chips known as layers. Owing to their distinctive appearance, they are widely used in construction work as building boards for structural work, walls in interior work, visible floors, ceiling finishes, and facades. OSB boards are also utilized in the construction of furniture, as frames for shelves, packaging (boxes/cable reels/pallets), store and trade show construction, building fences, and concrete formwork panels.
Development and Production of OSB Board
OSB production was developed in the 1950s in the USA and Canada to produce boards with technical specifications similar to those of plywood. The goal was to use sufficient and rapidly renewable wood materials with small trunk diameters. During the production process, long and narrow strands are specifically used, which are aligned and compressed in layers. A classic OSB board consists of three layers.
Applications of OSB Board in Construction
OSB wood panels are vital to the construction industry because they provide high structural durability for ceilings and floors, walls, beams, doors, staircases, etc. They are used as load-bearing components of buildings and are stronger than other similar products. With the boom in the construction industry in several emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific and South American regions, the use of OSB panels is expected to increase, thereby minimizing infrastructure damage. The OSB is also a cost-effective alternative to plywood for building houses. According to the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, OSB costs $700 less than plywood for a typical 2,400-square-foot home.
Global Production Capacity for OSB Board
The global production capacity of OSB boards is approximately 40 million cubic meter per year. The largest capacities are in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Several new factories have also recently opened in Russia, and there are several in China and Southeast Asia.


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