Pebble tile

The term “pebble tile” has its origins in the Persian language, where it means “brickwork” in Farsi. A pebble tile roofing is a type of roof covering that is made from a galvalium sheet (steel coated with aluminum and zinc), adorned with natural colored pebbles, and boasts an attractive appearance. This product consists of a steel core with several layers as follows:
Steel: The primary component of the pebble tile is steel coated with eight layers.
Alozing (galvalium): A high-resistance aluminum zinc coating with protective zinc and aluminum, which confers excellent corrosion resistance and a long service life.
Acrylic resin: A protective layer that prevents erosion.
Base layer: An adhesive layer that securely maintains the pebbles in place on the tile.
Pebbles: The tile’s exterior is adorned by natural, self-colored pebbles that retain their color over time. Colored pebbles have specific attributes such as
Retaining snow, which serves as insulation during the cold season
The ability to produce tiles in various colors with a natural look that are long-lasting
Reducing the sound of rain.
Glaze: The final layer that shines the tile surface while preventing dust from penetrating the pores.
Epoxy coating: The layer on the underside of the tile enhances its resistance to water vapor and freezing.
Organic coating: The final layer on the underside of the tile ensures the compatibility of the product with the environment.