Foiled stone wool

Why is thermal insulation with stone wool recommended in buildings? Considering the crucial role of energy in today’s human life and its impact on both the future of humanity and the planet, it becomes essential to prioritize the development of healthier and more affordable energy sources. Stone wool exhibits high fire resistance, making it a non-flammable insulation material that provides protection against fire hazards. In metal buildings, for instance, insulation with stone wool can prevent the loss of mechanical strength and structural collapse caused by intense heat during a fire incident. By utilizing rock wool insulation, the structural integrity and effective features of the building can be preserved.


Stone wool production:

Stone wool is a type of insulation material that provides both soundproofing and thermal insulation. It is derived from the melting of various types of basalt rock. The production process involves several steps. Initially, basalt stones are fed into a furnace along with combustible materials like coke. The furnace is ignited using wood or natural gas, while a significant amount of air is continuously blown into it. This generates intense heat, melting the basalt stones at temperatures exceeding 2000 degrees Celsius.The molten stones are then extracted from the bottom of the furnace and enter a centrifuge, where they are transformed into fibers through the force of centrifugal motion.The fibers are directed onto a conveyor belt and arranged using a device, such as a pendulum, onto a plate. They are then passed through a curing device called a curing oven. In this oven, the fibers bond together, and a resin may be added to enhance their cohesion. The desired thickness and density are achieved during this process. Finally, the cured parts are cut to the desired dimensions, grouped, and sent for further use.

Foiled stone wool:

Foiled stone wool is a highly versatile form of stone wool insulation and finds extensive applications across various industries. It is widely used in the construction industry for soundproofing and thermal insulation in walls, floors, and ceilings. Additionally, it is utilized by furnace industries, refineries, and petrochemical plants. This product is available in different densities and thicknesses to suit different requirements.

درخواست مشاوره و صدور فاکتور

لطفا جهت دریافت مشاوره، یا درخواست پیش فاکتور با کارشناس های ما در ارتباط باشید و یا فرم زیر را تکمیل نمایید.

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