Nano Isoflex series vapor barrier

The Nano Isoflex series vapor barrier is constructed with three layers: polyester, polyethylene film, and nano polyester. This technologically advanced vapor barrier ensures long-term vapor breathability while effectively transforming the underlying surface into a waterproof layer. It provides temporary protection against rain for roofs and is well-suited for environments with low to medium relative humidity. This versatile vapor barrier is ideal for applications such as facades with dry systems, sloping roofs, flat roofs, wooden structures, and LSF (light steel frame) constructions.

Types of vapor barrier

درخواست مشاوره و صدور فاکتور

لطفا جهت دریافت مشاوره، یا درخواست پیش فاکتور با کارشناس های ما در ارتباط باشید و یا فرم زیر را تکمیل نمایید. ما در کوتاه ترین زمان با شما تماس خواهیم گرفت.

Nano Isoflex series vapor barrier

Based on the customer’s order, the heating of the steamer can be changed.
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The coverage area of each roll

Vapor barrier code

Type of vapor barrier

Quantity per pallet

quality category

X tear strength

X tensile strength

Y tear strength

Y tensile strength

180 N



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