Shingle glue

Shingle adhesive, also known as shingle glue, plays a vital role in the installation of shingle sloping roof coverings. It is particularly useful in areas with high wind exposure and extremely cold weather conditions. The application of shingle adhesive ensures the secure use of shingle sheets, even on roofs with a slope greater than 60 degrees.Shingle glue is essential for effectively sealing various details on the roof, such as valleys, windows, and sheeting. While shingles are typically nailed onto the roof, it is important to consider using bituminous glue in windy regions or cold climates. This adhesive is applied to the lower surface of the shingles, providing enhanced adhesion.Moreover, shingle glue possesses repair and sealing properties, as it is typically formulated with rubber and fiberglass. It serves as a durable and flexible adhesive solution for shingle installations

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Shingle glue

Shingle adhesive, commonly referred to as shingle glue, is a crucial product for installing shingle sloping roof coverings. It enables the use of shingle sheets in areas prone to strong winds with slopes exceeding 60 degrees, as well as in extremely cold climates. Shingle glue plays a vital role in sealing various roof details, including valleys, windows, and sheeting, ensuring optimal protection.While shingles are typically secured to the roof with nails, it is important to note that in windy areas or cold regions, using bituminous glue is recommended for added stability. This adhesive is applied to the lower surface of the shingles, providing a strong bond.Moreover, shingle glue is specifically formulated to possess repair and sealing properties. Typically composed of rubber with fiberglass, this adhesive is designed to effectively seal and protect shingles used on sloping roofs. It offers excellent waterproofing capabilities, further enhancing the durability and longevity of the roof covering.

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