What is a shingle nail?

To secure shingles on a gable roof, it is necessary to use a specific nail with a threaded body that is galvanized or chromated. Over time, nails can undergo oxidation, resulting in an unsightly appearance on the roof’s surface. To prevent this, these nails are typically made from galvanic alloys or treated with cold galvanization or chromating processes, ensuring they do not react with the surrounding atmosphere.

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Shingle nail characteristics:

Rust-resistant: One of the notable features of these nails is their rust-resistant property. Stainless nails retain their color and do not cause any damage to your sloped roof covering, such as shingles. It is crucial for these nails to resist oxidation due to their exposure to weather elements like rain.

Suitable height: These nails have a height of 2.5 cm, making them ideal for attaching shingles to the underlying boards, such as OSB boards.

Wide head: The wide head of these nails enhances the grip strength of the shingles, preventing them from getting detached or damaged.

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