What is a sloped roof snow blower?

A sloped roof snow blower is a specialized tool designed and engineered specifically for sloping roofs. It serves as a preventive measure to prevent snow from sliding off the roof abruptly. These systems, often referred to as snow stoppers or snow blowers, play a crucial role in safeguarding sloped roofs and protecting building owners and homeowners from potential dangers caused by falling snow. The primary function of these systems is to retain the snow, allowing it to gradually melt and drain off the roof.

Types of snow blowers

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How does a snow blower work?

When snow accumulates on a roof, it can create a heavy load that, when it starts to melt, can suddenly slide off and cause damage to various structures, including neighboring roofs, vehicles, and reputation. This snow accumulation can also lead to problems for the roof itself, such as direct damage to the building’s walls or indirect damage caused by the freezing of melted snow. Snow removal systems are designed to mitigate the risks of roof avalanches by distributing the load on the roof, thereby preventing damage to the roof system and extending the lifespan of the sloped roof.

What are the methods of snow removal?

There are three common methods for installing a snow blower on a sloped roof:

  1. Non-penetrating installation: Snow blowers are installed using non-penetrating steps, ensuring that the roof structure remains intact.
  2. Screw connection: Snow blowers can be attached directly to the roof structure using screws, allowing for a secure installation.
  3. Chemical bonding: In some cases, snow blowers may be chemically bonded to the roof surface for effective snow removal.

Types of snow blowers

Depending on the amount of snow accumulation on the roof, different types of snow blowers are utilized. These include double-pipe or single-pipe snow blowers, as well as single snow blowers. The choice of snow blower type depends on the specific requirements and conditions of the roof.

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Types of snow blowers

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