thermal insulation xps

XPS plates are made of a GPPS petrochemical material with a dense closed-cell structure that is produced through an industrial injection method involving high-pressure melting. This production method differs from that used for EPS polystyrene foams (Unolit). The advanced technology used in XPS production results in a high-quality foam, which offers numerous benefits.
Here is a list of reasons why XPS plates are advantageous.
1. Complete resistance to temperature
2. Resistant to water absorption and the passage of water vapor
3. Slow burning
4. Impermeable to bacteria and does not support the growth of microscopic organisms
5. Uniform density in all points and precise dimensions
6. Easy to transport
7. XPS plates can easily assume the role of a wall in any structure, owing to their compactness and extreme strength.
8. XPS insulators have specific dimensions.

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